The big10 of Great White Shark Diving in South Africa

Great White Shark cage diving off the coast of Gansbaai, South Africa should be on everyone’s bucket list.  It’s a pretty exhilarating and humbling experience being so close to these powerful wild animals. You always have in the back of your mind that one false move while you are in the cage could result in serious injury.  White Shark Projects is the shark dive company that made everything possible. They were very professional and made safety a number one priority.

White Shark Project's boat right before shipping out

The Chum/Bate used to attract the Sharks

The cage that projects you in the water when you go into the water

First Shark sighting

A crew member pulling in some bait to get the sharks to come closer to the cage

Shark slamming into the cage while chasing the bait

Big shark exploding out of the water trying to catch the bait


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